Securemetric Berhad – New IPO

Sebuah syarikat bernama Securemetric akan disenaraikan di Bursa Malaysia tidak lama lagi.

Pasaran sekuriti terbahagi kepada dua iaitu PRIMARY MARKET yang dikenali sebagai Initial Public Offering (IPO) dan SECONDARY MARKET yang dikendalikan oleh Bursa Malaysia dan didagangkan melalui Main Market dan Ace Market. Untuk artikel kali ini, kami ingin mengupas lebih lanjut mengenai new IPO atau terbitan saham baru untuk syarikat Securemetric Berhad.

Kenapa Syarikat Perlukan Initial Public Offering Atau IPO?

Jika 3 sebab utama kebiasaanya sesebuah syarikat itu memerlukan IPO iaitu :

Dana / Modal 

Sesebuah syarikat nak majukan lagi bisnesnya biasanya perlu mengembangkan lagi apa yang sedia ada atau menambah bilangan pekerja untuk sesuatu kerja bertambah dan menghasilkan lebih banyak produk.

Jadi untuk buat semua ini, syarikat perlukan modal.
Untuk dapatkan modal syarikat ada 2 pilihan, pertama meminjam dari bank dan kedua IPO.

Jadi cara kedua lebih bagus bagi syarikat syarikat yang sudah stabil kerana tidak perlu terikat untuk bayar bulan-bulan kepada bank.

Mereka meminjam dari pelabur-pelabur (maksud dia macam itu kerana pelabur-pelabur membeli saham ipo ini).

Dengan dana itu mereka buat apa yang mereka sudah rancang dan kemudian mereka mampu hasilkan produk dengan banyak.
Dari produk yang banyak kerana permintaan yang tinggi jadi keuntungan mereka bertambah dan mampu kembalikan kepada pelabur.

Kongsi keuntungan

Ada syarikat mereka memang telah stabil tetapi mereka masih membuat IPO kerana untuk stabilkan lagi syarikat dan dari situ mereka memberi keuntungan yang mereka dapat kepada pelabur-pelabur dalam bentuk WARRANT, DIVIDEN dan lain-lain lagi.


Ada syarikat mereka tidak bercadang untuk kembangkan bisnes mereka kerana memang sudah stabil tetapi dengan mereka IPO, mereka menjadi salah sebuah syarikat yang digeruni.

Maksudnya sesebuah syarikat mahu masuk BURSA MALAYSIA bukan mudah dan tidak semua syarikat mampu.
Jadi mereka ingin brandingkan jenama mereka tersendiri.

Maklumat Lanjut Tawaran Securemetric Berhad

ACE Market
Opening of application : 23/10/2018
Closing of application : 30/10/2018

Balloting of application : 31/11/2018
Tentative listing date : 13/11/2018

Total shares offered: 68,000,000
Public Issue: 17,000,000
Private Placement: 48,000,000

Employess share : 3,000, 000

Jom Kenali Securemetric Berhad

SecureMetric is certainly one of the Southeast Asia’s leading regional players in the field of digital security with core focus into Software Licensing Protection, 2-Factor Authentication, Advanced Identity and Access Management, Public Key Infrastructure and Cryptography.

Since incorporation in 2007, SecureMetric already expanded strong local footprints with local establishment into Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines.
The brand name of SecureMetric has been built with market respect in the area we holds strong domain expertise.

Corporate information

SecureMetric is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with oversea branches in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Manila and Singapore. Our commitment is to invest on localisation (solution, legal entity and talents) into any Southeast Asia country whenever the need arises.


Kuala Lumpur
SecureMetric Technology Sdn. Bhd. 
(Reg. no. 759614-V)
Level 5-E-6, Enterprise 4, Technology Park Malaysia
Lebuhraya Sg. Besi – Puchong, Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-8996 8225
Fax: +603-8996 7225


SecureMetric Technology Co,. Ltd. 
203B, TDL Office Building,
No.22, Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District,
Hanoi, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 4 3776 5410
Fax: +84 4 3776 5416

Ho Chi Minh City
SecureMetric Technology Co,. Ltd. 
L14-08B, 14th floor, Vincom Tower
72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Thanh Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
Tel: +84 8 6287 8544
Fax: +84 8 6268 8188

PT SecureMetric Technology
Ketapang Business Center Block C No. 11,
Jl. KH. Zainul Arifin No. 20,
Jakarta 11140 Indonesia
Tel: +6221-2263 4496
Fax: +6221-2957 9583

SecureMetric Technology, Inc.
Unit 7D, 7th Floor, Athenaeum Bldg.,
160 LP Leviste St.,
Makati CBD, Makati City 1227 Philippines.
Tel: +63 2 776 6003 | +63 2 267 6797
Mobile: +63 923 873 9046

SecureMetric Technology Pte LTd
105, Cecil Street,
#06-01 The Octagon,
Singapore 069534. +65-6827 4451
Tel: +65-6827 9601

Why Securemetric Berhad ?

SecureMetric’s Innovation started 10+ years ago with strong persistent to focus what we do best, invested on right talents and never fail our promises, all these does matters.

Domain Expertise

We only do what we know best with the best talents in the specific fields we focus. We don’t just sell but we provide professional consultancy and services to customers to solve their pain points at the most secure and cost effective manner.

Lower Total Ownership Cost

We offer world class solutions leverage on Southeast Asia cost advantage which eventually pass over the saving to help customers to lower down their total ownership costs

Product and Team Localization

We localize our product/solution to best fit into local market to meet their respective culture and/or regulatory requirements. Same apply for our commitment to invest and train up local talents to speak the same language and live in the same culture with our customers. We know our customer better than any of our Western competitors.

Flexible Business Model

If one formula doesn’t work out, we are willing to fine tune a different business model to make things work, which are hardly possible to our Western competitors.

Partner List Securemetric Berhad

At SecureMetric, we strengthen our technology offering via smart technology collaboration with rigidly selected World class partners. We believe in long term Win-Win value added partnership that can maximize each other synergy. In ICT, not everyone can do everything by themselves but by teaming up the right team members with strong synergy, one can fly!


Ascertia based in London, United Kingdom, is a global leader in delivering functionally rich digital signature solution that ready to support various work collaboration systems such as SharePoint, Office365, Sales Force and Words.

SecureMetric + Ascertia
The partnership between SecureMetric and Ascertia is to position SecureMetric as Ascertia’s Southeast Asia certified implementer and technical support centre.


Since 1986, Cryptomathic´s international team of security experts and renowned cryptographers have gathered a unique market know-how, offering strong technical expertise and providing cutting edge cryptography solutions to its global customer base, counting many multinationals as longstanding clients.

SecureMetric + Cryptomathic
The partnership between SecureMetric and Cryptomathic is to empower SecureMetric’s cryptography competency and to jointly develop Crypto As A Service offering into Southeast Asia.


PrimeKey from Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading open source enterprise PKI company in the world, founder and commercial force behind successful open source projects like EJBCA and Signserver. PrimeKey’s business idea is to provide open source solutions and services in IT-security with focus on PKI and Signing Solutions.

SecureMetric + PrimeKey
SecureMetric is PrimeKey only highly skilled and certified partner from Asia, we value added to EJBCA Enterprise with our PKI frontend solutions and offer it a joint solutions to the market.

Ultra Electronics AEP

Ultra Electronic AEP (a member company of Ultra Electronic Group), one of the world leading security appliance manufacturer based in UK. Ultra Electronic AEP best selling products include world first FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Certified Hardware Security Module, Enhanced Grade (Military Grade) IP Encryptor and Advanced SSL VPN solutions.

SecureMetric + Ultra Electronics AEP
SecureMetric works very closely with Ultra Electronics AEP on integrating AEP Keypers range of Hardware Security Modules for many of our security solution implementation. We are Ultra Electronics AEP authorized regional distributor and certified technical support provider in Southeast Asia.


Utimaco from Germany, has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and professional solutions for Hardware Security Module (“HSM”) technology since 1994. They offer wide range of HSMs in both PCI or LAN appliance based.

SecureMetric + Utimaco
SecureMetric is the only certified Utimaco CryptoSDK expert in Southeast Asia that with the right technical competency to perform Cryptography firmware customization. Together with Utimaco, we distribute full range of Utimaco’s Security Servers together with cryptography customization and training to our customers in this region.

Securemetric Business

Syarat Memohon IPO Securemetric Berhad

Untuk mohon IPO ini ianya dibuka untuk PUBLIC ISSUE sahaja sekarang ia melalui PERBANKAN ONLINE seperti CIMB, MAYBANK2U dan lain-lain.

Syarat-syarat untuk mohon IPO ini :

  • Warganegara Malaysia berumur 18 tahun dan ke atas, yang menetap di Malaysia
  • Ada akaun simpanan dan online banking
  • Mereka yang mempunyai akaun CDS (Central Depository System) yang berdaftar menggunakan nama sendiri

Untuk langkah-langkah yang lebih jelas berkaitan proses memohon IPO secara online boleh rujuk artikel di bawah :

Cara Mohon IPO melalui CIMB

Berita-berita Tentang Securemetric Berhad

(Sila klik gambar )





Pendapat saya, jika anda ada lebihan modal anda boleh gunakannya untuk COMPOUNDINGkannya melalui IPO ini.
Target price peribadi saya untuk Securemetric Berhad ini adalah 5o sen kerana syarikat ini berkaitan dengan teknologi baru yang satu benda yang memang di perlukan oleh pasaran.

Sejarah IPO menunjukkan hari pertama di BURSA ada kenaikan harga dan menguntungkan. Namun begitu kami di mahersaham ada menceritakan cara untuk tahu GOOD IPO dan BAD IPO dalam kelas supertrader. Jadi bagi yang hadir kelas supertrader mereka akan tahu syarat yang kami berikan.

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